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Pet Yogis is dedicated to being the internet's favorite source for pet yoga mats for dogs, cats and pets of all sizes.

Our goal is focused on delivering quality products with courteous, reliable customer service – because you and your pets deserve it.


We are an American brand from the first state here to make yoga with your pets more fun! Based in Ocean View, Delaware, Pet Yogis was founded in 2019 by a certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher.

Incorporating pets into a yoga session (...or any floor exercise routine) or a meditation practice can be therapeutic for both practitioner and pet. It can also help deepen the bond you have with your pet. Having a pet either 'practice' along with you or simply having them around while you practice can bring forth a deep calming effect. Their mere presence can make you more relaxed and more focused.

"Pets regulate your nervous system. When you lay next to them, cuddle them, or notice how relaxed they look in the safety of your home, your nervous system relaxes and feels safe, too."
– Dr. Nicole LaPera

Plus, yoga with pets just makes it more FUN!

To add to the fun and make our own practice easier, we gave our pets each their own yoga mat. Soon thereafter, we discovered how much value is built into the pet yoga mat ...far beyond our yoga sessions. It has so many real life applications that can help with your pet’s comfort. For example:

  • Bringing along their familiar, comforting yoga mat can make veterinarian visits, trips to the groomer or other travel less traumatic events.
  • Dogs and cats are often anxious when they are on the vet’s exam table. When you use the mat atop an exam table, it serves as a comforting, non-slip and easy-to-clean surface for your pet.
  • Providing older pets or those with weaker hind legs, injuries or special conditions with a yoga mat can help them feel more steady and secure on slick floors.
  • Check out the full list of USES & BENEFITS here

Ultimately, our pet yoga mats can make your pet’s life, and therefore your life, easier ...and more FUN!


WE OFFER PET YOGA MATS in rectangle, round and square shapes ...most in 10 different colors.

MANY SIZES FOR MANY PETS. Our sizes range from X-Small to XX-Large — to fit tiny teacup dogs, all sizes of cats, to Great Danes ...and everything in between, including miniature potbellied pigs and miniature horses. We also offer mini yoga mat sizes for other pets including rabbits, ferrets, rodents, reptiles, amphibians and more.

SAFE MATERIALS. As pet parents and animal lovers, it is important to us that our products are made from safe materials. Therefore, our pet yoga mats are completely latex free, lead free, and free of heavy metals and AZO dyes. Our mats are also 6P Phthalates Free which means they are manufactured free of the top 6 most harmful phthalates (DEHP, DBP, DNHP, BBP, DIDP, DINP) which makes it a healthier choice for your pet and the planet. Your pet’s body will be touching it so we always strive for safe materials.

GIFTABLE. Our pet yoga mats make PAW-SOME gifts for your pet yogi or the animal lover in your life! We are happy to help you send it as a gift! For details, check out the FAQ page under Gifting

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