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There is so much value built into the pet yoga mat and it has so many real-life applications...

  • Dogs may think the yoga mat is a comfy place to hang out, play, cuddle & settle in for Savasana — the ultimate relaxation yoga pose.

  • Cats may play, stretch, scratch, meditate, curl up on & take a catnap on the mat. Cats often use it as a scratchpad to sharpen their claws so there may be claw-induced damage ...but that’s what it’s for! And it can help save your carpet & furniture. Plus, our mats have dual-textured sides so they can be reversible for extended product life.

  • Set up their yoga mat next to yours. Doing yoga near your pet or doing gentle stretches with some pets can be great for bonding.

  • Use the mat for Dog Yoga (“Doga”), Cat Yoga, Bunny Yoga or other animal yoga classes. Adding animals to yoga classes just makes it more fun! You can find more info on PET YOGA here.

  • Give them a ‘yoga bed’ as another option for a resting or sleeping spot other than their regular bed. Let’s face it — most pets change their minds & rotate spots on a daily basis ...especially cats.

  • Having multiple soft spots like a pet yoga mat placed next to you in different places can calm & settle anxious dogs or pets who have separation issues.
  • Many pets like to lay in spots that are naturally cooling (especially thick-haired or long-haired dogs & cats) & the yoga mat makes a nice place for them to chill out.

  • Bring it camping as a sleeping mat for your pet.

  • Use it outside in a shaded spot to help your pet stay cooler or off the ground or pavement. Great for outdoor concerts & camping trips!
  • Take it with you to a friend, family or neighbor’s home for a quick, easy safe space & instant pad for your pet, plus it can help to contain shedding. ...most sizes are easier to travel with than a pet bed.

yoga mat for cat cute pup on black mini round yoga mat

  • Take it with you when traveling or staying in hotels, rentals or other accommodations with your pet. Most sizes are easy to pack in your pet’s bag ...just roll it up!

  • Bring it along when boarding your pet so they have something familiar, soft & physically comforting to help them feel more at ease while you are away. Indeed, familiar items can help reduce stress for your pet. It can soothe your pet & remind them of home as the sponge-like quality of the mat can hold your scent, their scent & the scent of the rest of your household.

  • Roll it out in your vehicle to save seats from muddy paws or getting scratched from pet feet ...especially when going around curves!

  • When using a ridesharing service with your pet, cover the seat to keep the vehicle clean & reduce the risk of damage or mess.

  • Make vet trips or other travel less traumatic events by bringing along their familiar, comforting yoga mat.

  • Place it in pet carriers so your pet will have better footing & won’t slide around as much ...especially cats.

  • Help your pet’s comfort by lining the bottom of their crate, kennel, pet stroller, wagon or shopping cart with their cushiony yoga mat.

  • Lay it on the sofa, their favorite chair or other preferred spot for use as a protective barrier for furniture from drips, drools, fur, claws & paws.

  • Place the mat next to your bed or sofa for a softer landing for your pet to help them from slipping when getting up from or jumping down to hard surface floors.

black and white dog on pink yoga mat ginger cat on white yoga mat on desk

  • For smaller pets that hang out in your workspace, set up the mat on your desk as a desk topper for your pet's comfort & to save your desk from scratches.

  • For cats or dogs that like to sit in front of your computer or pop into your virtual meetings, place the mat off to the side of your desk/computer to help divert their attention from your screen.

  • Bring it aboard boats for a slip-resistant surface for your pet.

  • Roll out the mat to prevent your pet from laying down on grimy floors or public areas that can expose them to germs, parasites and/or illness. Our yoga mats are easy to wipe down to keep them clean & sanitary.

  • Carry it with you when traveling with your pet, service animal, therapy animal or emotional support animal so they can stand / sit / lay on it instead of the floor or to protect seats in public spaces (planes, buses, vehicles, etc.).

  • Take it with you to the vet or groomers so your pet can stand / sit / lay on it instead of waiting room floors, cold examination tables or those large slippery metal dog scales. (The scale can be calibrated after placing the yoga mat on it.)

  • The vet may be able to turn your pet around easier during examinations by turning the mat your pet is laying on.

  • The non-slip texture can help when administering meds, cleaning ears or clipping nails.

  • Great for a safer & easier bath time on slippery surfaces! Use it underneath your pet in the sink, tub or shower to help them not slip around so much. And just let the mat drip dry!

brown tabby cat on red yoga mat white dog on purple yoga mat

  • Use it as a shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue mat to help reduce leg strain on hard surfaces.

  • Help older pets or those with weaker hind legs, injuries or other special conditions feel more steady & secure on slick floors so they can get more traction on the textured, cushioned mat.

  • The extra thickness of the mat can help make it easier on pets with joint issues on hard floors.

  • Can come in handy in situations when pets may need constant, round-the-clock care as the mats are easy to clean, wipeable for any accidents & non-slip for administering medication, feeding, etc.

  • Especially useful during the cooler months, the soft, comfortable mat can provide an insulating barrier for your pet to prevent them from getting chilled on tile, concrete or wood floors.

  • Place it in a shaded spot on your porch, deck or doorstep as a cushioned, durable & washable mat for outdoor cats for use as a resting spot, scratchpad or as a placemat underneath food & water bowls.

  • If you have barn cats & farm dogs with food & water bowls in the barn, use it as a placemat underneath their bowls to contain spills & keep bowls from sliding around.

  • Dog trainers often use yoga mats for "mat work" or dog obedience training. For training purposes, the mat can act as a a designated spot for dogs to await commands. When using "place" commands, dogs can learn to stay on the mat until released. Dogs can also choose when they have had enough of training by exiting their mat.

  • Our largest yoga mats work well for bigger pets or to give both you & your pet more room to practice at the same time. Our larger sizes are also great for creating a dedicated, welcoming pet yoga space at home — with plenty of room to stretch out.

  • When your pet’s yoga mat stays laid out around your home, it can serve as an invitation & a reminder to roll out your own mat & practice. ॐ

big ginger cat on yoga mat yellow labrador retriever dog training on yoga mat poodle dog training on yoga mat gray cat on light blue yoga mat