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Yoga Mat for 18-inch Dolls (24" x 8")

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SIZE: 24" x 8" Rectangle

Sized to fit American Girl® style dolls or other 18-inch dolls, this mat is great for kids who enjoy doing yoga poses or floor exercises alongside of their dolls. This size can also work well for many stuffed animals.

(1:3 scale — 1" scale)

  • 1/8" thick (3.175mm) mat
  • Made from Textured, Open-Cell PVC Foam
  • 6P Phthalates Free. Latex Free. Lead Free. Heavy Metal Free.
  • Care Instructions: Use a cloth with cold water & mild soap to gently wipe down mat. Wipe off all soapy residue. Dry flat.
  • Comes unbranded; no logo

Color Options: Red, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, White

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